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Butterflied & marinated leg of lamb with rosemary, lemon & garlic
Slow cooked pork belly marinated in fennel, rosemary,
garlic & chilli ( opt )
Sweet chilli, ginger & limes chicken thighs
Local butcher’s sausage selection
Sirloin steaks with horseradish, mustards or homemade BBQ sauce
Caroline’s homemade beefburgers with onion & parsley
Indian Paneer cheese tikka with peppers & courgette on wooden skewers

New potatoes with parsley & mint olive oil dressing
Quinoa & bulgar wheat tabbouleh with cucumber, tomato, mint, parsley & lemon
olive oil dressing
Green bean, beetroot & feta salad
Slaw with red cabbage, squash, carrot & sunflower seeds
Mixed leaves & herbs with a French dressing in jugs
Cherry tomato, mini mozzarella & fresh basil

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